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In the past decade, mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives in many ways. Enterprises can use this fact to their advantage. Enterprise Mobility is all about mobile enabling businesses, enterprise systems and information. With Enterprise Mobility, it is now possible to address two major business gaps:

  • Take business information (residing in their backend systems) closer to its management and managers
  • Capturing information from users in the field and integrating it back into backend systems in real time

It expedites and enables informed decision making.

ICT Flex along with its mobility partner, Decimal Technologies ( now brings Enterprise Mobility to its esteemed customers. We have some ready solutions and also develop custom business mobile solutions.

acton enables Oracle EBS approval notification and workflow on a manager’s smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad).

Through acton, an approver gets notified about new notifications in real time. He views the notification (say a leave request or PR/PO notification) submitted by his subordinate and takes action – all of this in a few clicks on his mobile.
Attachments, if any, can also be downloaded and viewed on the mobile before taking an approval decision. If the approver wants to request more info from some other colleague or reassign to someone else, he can do that too.
acton has been carefully designed ensuring a highly intuitive and easy to use mobile interface. acton integrates seamlessly with Oracle EBS's approval workflow system. It is enterprise class software and takes care of all security requirements. It is easy to deploy and configure. New workflows of your choice can also be enabled with little effort.

So now, no more delays in approvals!

Custom Mobile solutions
we have expertise in developing mobile solutions as per your business needs across all platforms and integrating with your existing backend enterprise systems such as Oracle EBS, CRM, database etc

Contact us for any of your enterprise mobility needs.