Public Sector

ICT Flex Oracle Public Sector solutions help you to maximise Government and Citizen services efficiency, for optimal public value.

The public sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Organizations that once operated independently must collaborate to improve services to citizens, business customers and other agencies, while incorporating significant budget reforms. ICT Flex supports the public sector with a skilled approach in a number of key areas of expertise, including: Tax, Public Security, Healthcare, Cities and Regional Government.

ICT Flex understands the particular needs of public sector organizations. We provide solutions that help state and local governments get the most value from their software systems. Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, ICT Flex Oracle Solutions for Public Sector solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration while delivering responsive front-office services. Our solutions support business processes across a wide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services.

We offer:

  • Tax and Welfare Solutions
  • Cities and Regional Government Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Business Information Management for the Public Sector

Managing government has never been more challenging. Public sector leaders face increasing expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials, and employees. Pressed to provide services and information more quickly and cost effectively than ever, they are often saddled with legacy information systems that fail to leverage current technology or provide an enterprise-wide view of government.

Oracle industry solutions leverage our best-in-class portfolio of products to address complex business processes relevant to your industry. These solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

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